Hi! What is there to say that you don’t already know?

I live in Hilton Head Island, SC with the mutts, Forrest Whitaker Gump and Lucille (as in B.B. King’s Lucille).

After working for a couple local companies, I am back at Barnes & Noble as the Childrens/Teens lead.

Finally a good picture of Lucy

I enjoy playing in the kitchen, sewing, crocheting/knitting, crafting, watching tv/movies, listening to music, geocaching and being with my progeny and their significant others. I would love to have a piano again and drive people crazy with my banging on the ivories.

My taste in music runs from a-z (excluding country western and gangsta rap). I tend to live on punk and alternative with indie thrown in for good measure. I also love jazz, blues, Motown, techno/electronica, classical etc, etc, etc. If I could have anyone serenade me I would have to pick Mel Torme. I know he isn’t around anymore but the Velvet Fog is my hands down favorite.

I tend to like comedies and documentaries over other type of movie genres. Don’t tend to care for chick flicks and got bored years ago with horror flicks.

There is a lot more that I could add, and perhaps I’ll do so later, but right now I’m going to go fire up the oven.

Ciao (chow!)


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