Going Ketogenic


On June 19th I had a doctors appointment. The next day I was driving out to Okatie to pick up dog meds. I missed a phone call. When I stopped and listened to the message I heard the nurse say to call here at my first opportunity. The nurse wasn’t in but the receptionist was able to tell me what the nurse called about. My cholesterol was high and I needed to start taking Omega-3 once a day. My A1C was 7.9 and I needed to start a low carb diet now. Not something I was excited to hear. I drove to Chick fil a, ate lunch and drove home. The next day I went low carb.

I’ve done Paleo in the past. I actually enjoyed it. I had energy, clear skin, better sleep and was never hungry. I didn’t lose weight but I wasn’t trying to. This time I’m trying a Ketogenic diet. It’s similar to the Atkins diet. It’s low carb, moderate protein and higher fat. Not really an FDA “approved” diet but when their diet shows that frosted flakes and pop tarts are better for you than an avocado, I’m not listening anymore.

I’m 1 1/2 months into eating this way. I’m still trying to tweak it for my body. After all, this way of eating is for the long haul. I keep track of what I eat and the macros I ingest. The weight immediately started falling off. I went through the “keto flu” and “keto breath”. I’m trying to maintain ketosis until my next appointment. The food? I’ve found many great recipes. I’ve made keto pizza and hamburger buns. I’ve made a low carb rustic chocolate cake. I’m not missing anything. Well, maybe potatoes. After I get my blood drawn in September, I’m going to make a huge, fully loaded baked potato for dinner. Then I’ll do the low carb thing the next day. 🙂

As I develop this blog (again) I’ll have random things like I’ve done before. There is no real direction that I want to take this blog. I will add some Keto, Paleo and Diabetic links. I’m working on updating my “food blog”. The link is still good but once I get the code updated most those recipes will be taken down.

Thanks for stopping by.