December 29th,

I finally did it! A new blog...You'll be redirected in 10 seconds. You'll be able to link back to archives when I fix it.

edit: I'll put the redirect after I've tweaked the other page. I'm adding script that might not work. Let me get it working and then you can see it. :^)


December 4th,

Hi! Remember me? I can apologize for not being on for a while but the fact is that it is an annoyance to keep up with HTML when I could easily just log on and use wordpress or some other blog software and take the thinking out of the webpaging. Soooo, to make a short and simple story a bit longer, I have been working on turning this page into a blog. I hasn't been easy, and when I say that I mean it hasn't been easy to not be lazy. I'm hoping to have the new pages done by years end and will be able to update whenever I feel the need. Now that I have the new color, I can update it all the more easily.

O.k., let's get caught up. November, hmmmm. I'm sure there were some things that happened but I can't remember anything until the last part of it. The Boy and I went to Cali to visit the Airman. It was wonderful to see him. We stayed in SF with the Knight and the Rager. The Rager, with the help of everyone else, made the "most excellent" meal. He brined the turkey overnight and roasted it the next day and it was yummiest (sorry parental units and siblings and myself) turkey I've EVER eaten. It melted in my mouth. The stuffing/dressing was sooo good. What made the meal so nice was the company. The Airman brought another Airman with him. The rager had a couple friends over as well. Um, we'll call them the biker and the hippy. After dinner we went for dessert and saw many "Grows". All in all, Thanksgiving day was very pleasant.

Friday we went to the Walt Disney Family Museum at the Presidio. WOW!!! It was every inch a Disney production. It was all about Walt and Roy and their family. Where they came from and their adventures from the first jobs they took to building the Disney name into what it is today. Very nice.

Saturday took us to the AFB and the Boy enjoying meat. The trip was short and I felt sleep deprived the whole time but I am glad I spent the money and took the time and went.

The last week has been sick. JK, me and many others at BN have been kinda miserable. I'm feeling much better today but have been coughing. Hopefully that won't stay.

My shower is leaking again into neighbors bathroom. YAY!!! Got that fixed and now just waiting to get the ceiling downstairs fixed. Oh, and my new crown with a wonderful root canal to go with it. Jealous?

So, I've been busy enough to say I've been busy but lazy enough that I need to say I've been busy. Huh?!

I've been yelled at because I forgot to post a couple times on my food blog. Gotta go do that now. Then I think I will work some more on turning this mess into a blog.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and continues to have a nice holiday season.

Hugs to all!!



October 31st.


I've been listening to Motown all day just groovin'. Thought I better check in as it's been a little while. Same ol' same ol' here. The Boy did well on his report card. His social life makes my head spin and the fat dogs and I hardly see him anymore. The Airman is not happy (so things haven't changed). He is working 12 hour night shifts now for the next week. We will go see him for Thanksgiving. The boy and I will fly out after work on Wednesday and fly red eye home on Saturday night. Expensive flight but I know it will mean a lot for the Airman to have some famliy with him and we'll be "adopting" at least one more airman while we are there. Depending on his hours on Thanksgiving, we might go to Sonoma for dinner. I'll get a rental car so if there are a few other people going, we will be able to drag them all there. This, of course, is all tentative and is subject to change. Fat dogs and I have been lazy today. Good thing I did some housework yesterday. O.k., going back to listen to Harold Melvin.

Hope all is well with you guys!


October 16th,

I'm temporarily starting fresh. What I mean is that I archived everything until I figure out a SMOOTH way of converting this webpage into a blog that I'm happy with.

Made cookies today (as I posted to my blog) although they are very tasty, I'm not happy with the way they turned out. Am going to try another new cookie recipe tomorrow. I wonder if this is why I've put on a few extra lbs. ;^)

I have to fix both of The Boy's computers tomorrow (again). The Pretty One (The Airman's gf) sent some pictures of him and of them when she went to Cali to visit him. I'm going to see if I can get the scanner up and running again so I can post them. We'll see how far I get and which pc will be tossed out the window. You can start taking bets now.