Posted October 10th,

What a weekend. Everything I ended up doing, was NOTHING that I had planned on doing. I'm not going to bore with details but it started out with buying a snake (for pipes not a hissing one) and ended up with me having to wash a dozen or so towels that weren't dirty on Friday. Was going to do a bit of baking but no such luck. It is only Sunday evening. Yes, there are a few more hours left in the day. No, I don't have the energy to bake (well, to think really). It's 6:30pm. I'm going to go take a shower. I'm then going to put on my lounge pants and a tank. Then I'm going to veg out AND NOT FEEL GUILTY about not vacuuming the stairs, getting all the laundry done or many of my other weekendly chores. BUT, I know me (actually pretty well). I'll probably end up doing something else.

Hope everybody has a great work week!!




Posted October 3 (2nd post),

O.k., I love all you guys. I just have one thing to say to ALL the people born and raised east of the Mississippi. I know that I mispronounce words. I get corrected often. Most the time I don't mind. Some of it comes from regional dialect some comes from ignorance. If I mispronounce something, by all means, correct me. I'll either correct myself or explain that was the way we pronounced it in Modesto. Or some rot like that.

I hope that you know that I really like you guys and don't want to offend ANY of you. The pronunciation of two states that I grew up next to are pronounced "OR-ih-guhn" and "neh-VA-duh". The pronuciation "OR-ih-gahn" and "neh-VAH-duh" are incorrect. Sorry. You'd be tagged as a noob as soon as you stepped off the plane. I do realize that there are towns with these names that are pronounced the second way. Just not the states. I lived with someone who mispronounced these names and I never corrected them. Here is a Nevada clip that made it to national news. Maybe Oregon will make it there some day.



Posted October 3,

Still trying to figure out this embed thing. This works in Safari but I am going to try it with Firefox and Chrome. Fingers crossed.

This is Big brother and me a couple years ago.




Posted September 25th, (sorry)

I'm trying out CS5 so this is just a test. I am in the middle of editing some video and hope to be uploading it for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. I will also make a longer post.

I want to thank EVERYONE for being there for me. All of you who read this (and a lot of people who don't read this) mean so very much to me.

Thank you.



Posted August 29th,

Nerd alert!!! Wcg Ultimate Gamer season 2 is on!!! YAY!!! The video game challenge is Wii Sports Resort.

Well, work was really fun this last week. Nuff said 'bout that. :^)

I'm still trying to figure out the <embed> for the site. I'm having trouble with Google Chrome. Safari and Firefox work fine with <embed> and the true/false argument. I found out that Chrome has IE tendencies. This is not good if they are going to go the way of Microsoft and have EVERY update different from the last. I know that people who use Chrome (mostly Windows peeps) really like it.

Going to upload a couple of pictures and then no more Barbie pictures will be loaded. Was going to upload a Mel Torme song but now I can't find it. Hey! Be quiet!! It's MY website!!! You don't have to put any Mel on *your* site.

Me with Mike and Mark.

Mark (on my shoulders), Mike, Mom and Uncle Toot.

Mom and me


The fam at the ranch with Grandma and Grandpa Dix.

My Landcruiser :^( wish I still had it...

Me and DW after a day of backpacking before camp Liahona.


Me, LR and MB.


Posted August 21st,


I have no idea how I ran across this but ...WOOHOO!!! :*)

Amazon offers free downloads for new artists, samplers, and various artists who are just offering freebies. There are bunches of singles AND albums. If you want an album you have to download the Amazon music downloader (free) or you can download each song without the downloader. There might be something you want. Go see!

free albums

free singles




Posted August 15th,

:^( Aaaarrrrggggghhhh....

I made these beautiful butterscotch, marshmallow, chocolate chip brownies (Blondies?). OMG! They look and tasted great. BUT, I neglected to put in the correct amount of flour. oooeeeyyy goooeeeeyyy mess. Yummy? Yes! Something I can take to work? No. Sorry. Will make this again. Will add more flour. I didn't even put this on my food blog. I did, however, add a food related video this week. :^)



Posted August 14th,

O.k., where to start? Not much excitement around here. The Airman has bought a new car. A 2001 Honda Civic. It looks to be a dark blue and looks really clean in his pictures.

The Boy and I have gone to see a couple movies. We saw Dinner with the Schmucks. It had half the people from the Daily Show in it. The movie was different than I expected. It was very sweet and funny the whole way through. Today we went and saw Scott Pilgrim Saves the World. I really enjoyed it and got all the nerdy pop culture references. I don't think everyone would enjoy it but it couldn't be done without those references. The movie is based off the graphic novel series. Yesterday I found out that a Hawaii Five-o tv series is starting. I don't know what to think about that. I used to love the series. I liked Jack Lord but, if truth be known, actually had a thing for James MacArthur (even if he is now 72).

I went in the dining room, also known as the storage room, to try to clear it out. I discovered that most the books and "whatever" that is in there belongs to my sons and not me as I first believed.

Found some more pics to post...whee....

The new pachinko game for Christmas. For those who don't know

what it is, it's actually a gaming device in Japan.

me, Mike, Mark, Dale 1970.

another Christmas

Obviously a birthday.

Me, Mike and Dale enjoying Half Dome in Yosemite.




Posted August 7th,

There is not really a standard way to "embed" sound onto your website. Having said that, you *can* embed sound onto your website. I was able to play music without flash (the playlist on the side is a flash player) but suddenly I can't use the autostart "true" or "false". O.k., so I know that most people don't care. I do. I've been working on this for hours using basic HTML with and without Dreamweaver. All I can say is "AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!".

Still working on it but will be too busy tomorrow to bother with it. I guess now I need to find my Dreamwever book to help me out on this one.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. School clothes shopping tomorrow....long story. :^P




Posted July 25th,

Yep, I haven't been feeling up to posting lately. Evan's 20th birthday was yesterday. Let me say that again. EVAN'S 20TH BIRTHDAY WAS YESTERDAY!!!! I'm assuming that he had a nice one as he was in Sack-o-tomatoes (Sacramento for you non-westerners) instead of the base.






Posted July 11,

Well, I don't have much to say so I'll post a couple more pictures.

Me and Grandpa Horn...


In Stockton wearing Mother/Daughter dresses...Uncle Kent's family visiting...



The "Hawaiians"...











Posted July 3,

Yet another picture. Yep, that Pinto was to be mine in the future...



Posted June 26,

I have EVEN MORE pictures! I probably won't add links to bigger pictures. These have turned out bigger than what I thought they would.

"Sno-go" at the ranch.


I'm pretty sure these were just posed as I don't think Dink really would have enjoyed snowmobiliing.


The next picture was taken at Green Sand Beach. I believe it was on the big island but wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong. Green sand is made from olivine crystals.


Another Hawaiian beach. Hapuna Beach on the big island.

I think that's all the Hawaii and ranch pictures I have on this cd-rom. I know I have other pictures somewhere else. I'll post more pictures later.d



Posted June 22,

O.k., here are a few more. :^)

These are pictures taken at the ranch.


Me and Uncle Bill after being "kissed" by the dog and then mutilated by the doctor.



Really mom...I understand that I chose the yellow top with red and white pants...but *I* would not have made the match had *YOU* not given them to me in the first place.

Shelly, Dale, Dina, Mark

Barbara, Lisa, Ronny, me





Posted June 20,

I have internet! It's not Wifi but I can at least get on the net and not have to sit on the floor.

Quite a bit has happened since I last updated but for the life of me I can't remember anything. :^( Old age strikes again.

I have some kind of yuck going on. I can't talk today and am having problems breathing but I'll get by.

The parental units were here last weekend. It was great to see them. The male parental unit made a cdrom with some pics on it. Half of them are of me and 1/4 of what's left I couldn't tell you who the people are. I'm posting some pictures. These have all been cropped but I will be putting links (slowly) up so clicking on a picture will take you to the "bigger picture".












Posted May 29,

I love my Macbook. Lately, however, I've been having trouble with internet connection. I've had this problem in the past and my macbook went back to Apple and was fixed. Well, now my warranty has expired and I'm not about to pay to have them gut it again. Probably cost me the same as buying a new one. Anyway, this is a big enough problem that there are even a couple online articles about it. Apparently there is no fix for it and I just can't get on the net without an ethernet cable. Sooooo, I sit on the floor because the cable is only so long and I get on the net for minutes at a time. I am VERY frustrated and don't know what to do anymore. As much as I paid for this thing and as many times I've had to send it in (6 times total!) I should have a working computer. I've said it before, and I'm obviously going to say it again...I like Apple software but am less than thrilled with their hardware. I am also upset with the people on the end of the line who said that he had never heard of this problem before and that I needed to contact my ISP. Can you say BS?

Anyway, I am sitting on my hard floor right now to upload this. I am going to be uploading a lot to my website that doesn't need to be babysat today so I might be able to make some changes tomorrow. I have an idea for either a new blog or a new addition to my site. Don't hold your breathe! I know know me. :^)



Posted May 16,

So yesterday I got up and decided to make brownies. Paula Deen makes cookie and cake mixes now and I happened to pick a couple of them up at, of all places, Walgreen's.

I don't have any after pictures but they looked like brownies. I don't like "compacted" brownies so I add an extra egg to make them a little more "cakey". They were pretty good. I little sweeter than I prefer but still very good. I have a cookbook that the Boy wants to use for dinner tonight. We are going to make Cajun burgers, homemade french fries and toasted marshmallow milkshakes. I'll post the recipes on my food blog after dinner tonight.

I told you that I had more pictures to post so here goes...

Forrest and Jesus (dashboard Jesus) at Gramma and Grampa's house...


I guess I didn't have all that many pics after all. I'll get around and take more pictures.



Posted May 15,

I went out to run errands this morning and when I came home I saw this little guy hanging around. I had to run up and get my camera.

Cool, huh?!

Well, as I was taking him off my camera I found some other pictures that I decided to post. I know it's been awhile.

This was pre-vegetables. I can't remember what it was but it was yummy!

We had cornish game hens one night, just for the heck of it. I told the Boy that if he wants to make an impressive dinner for a girl then to make these birds with a salad and a starch of some kind...

before roasting...

After roasting...

The Boy made breadsticks for this meal...

I have more Forrest and Jesus...but I'll post them later.


Posted May 9,




Posted May 9,

Thank you for my Mother's Day gifts! The Boy is very sweet. He not only gave me my very favorite flowers BUT the amount he gave me is my favorite number. That wasn't a coincidence. He actually asked for that amount. What a guy! The Airman called and told me that my gift was in the mail and it had to hold me over until he got off base and found me some See's. I'm very lucky to have two great kids.

My music is going to be down for awhile. I'm changing files and redoing the playlist(s). I have to run errands, be a plumber and do laundry so the music comes between all that.


Posted May 5,


I've been having problems left and right getting on the net and staying on the net. I'm still working on the wifi connection so keep your fingers crossed.

I've decided that I want an iPad. Of course, as you probably know, wanting and being able to afford one are 2 different things. I am still mulling over the Nook. I've got to get past the dog's vet appointment and vet bill before I can think seriously about either.

I know that I've been promising a lot of things with the site. I have been working on things. Sometimes life takes priority over websites and *gasp* Pogo. I've been trying to do too many things at once and getting overwhelmed in the process. I'm going to do one thing at a time. Right now I am concentrating on my bathroom and Aaron's bathroom. I have completely stripped shower and bath of all caulk and have cleaned it up really well. This weekend I will reseat toilet and caulk everything really well. When I'm done with that and everything has cured, I will work on Aaron's bathroom. Then I get to tackle the kitchen (if anyone wants my stones: pizza and other baking dishes let me know). And then I'll handle something else. I figure by the end of the school year everything will be ready for Aaron to paint. After that is all done, new carpet. Whee! I some point a new water heater will be installed. Anyway, it'll all get done eventually.

I took a header last night and my body started aching this afternoon (I think it's from the fall). So, I'm going to leave it at this and go take a really hot shower to help ease these old muscles and bones. I'll be back this Saturday (or Sunday?)



Posted April 28,

O.k., let me get everyone caught up. The Airman has been home for about 1 1/2 weeks. He leaves for Travis AFB on Saturday. The Boy didn't go to prom but did spend the day with GF. I just got over the worst migraine I remember having. That is why I haven't got around to posting anything. But, thank you, GB for editing my playlist. As soon as I can, I'll get it uploaded and get my music changed. There were a few songs deleted that *I* wanted so those were added back in. Cable is out right now so as I'm typing this I have no idea when I will be able to connect to the internet again. I got a text during lunch from DW. I really miss her bunches. I miss the sadistical Ms. LW as well.

I'm currently reading an advance copy that I never thought I'd read. It's called Play Dead by Ryan Brown. I believe it comes out in July but could be wrong. I am surprised that I am enjoying it. I think he is a good writer. The bad thing is that there is no one that I would say "You should read this." It's about zombies and football. I haven't got to the zombie part yet. I've only got to the football and the voodoo part. This book started off being pretty graphic. Maybe Ryan Brown will release another book. Maybe toned down enough for everyone to read. Again, *I* think he is a decent writer. I have read much much worse.

I'll post more later on. I also haven't posted a recipe for over a week so I'll get on that too.



Posted April 11,

Although there will probably be a few people who will argue with me, I really am sorry that my posts are so far apart. BUT, I can't believe how much one can get done when they stay off their computer during the day.

The Airman is getting home Wednesday morning and this is where I stood going into the weekend. His bed was stripped and all his dirty clothes were on the floor just the way he left them. My shower needed to be completely cleaned of caulk and cracked grout and re-caulked. My laundry had to be done. Aaron's laundry needed to be done. My closet needed to be cleaned out and reorganized and my bedroom needed to be cleaned (thanking the dogs for that). Not to mention all my normal weekend chores. So, today Evan's bed is still stripped (but linens are clean), my shower wasn't even started and my closet is almost organized. I didn't realize how much time all these things were going to take.

But there it is. The reason that I'm just now getting around to posting.

We'll see how much I get done next weekend.



Posted April 2,

I put up some of my video library. This is just the tip of the iceburg. Let me know if you want to borrow any. I'm having problems with the photo pages that I want to put up but I'm working on them. I have to finish those, a music page and a page for the kids and then I'll get away from nerd talk. I know that the internet is going to get away from flash but I know that is just flash pages and not flash movies and games. That is my next big adventure.

The boy and I are planning on getting vitamin D tomorrow and then hitting a movie. Yes, date night. :^p Stretch is unable to come out for the weekend. I'll also do a little blogging. I know, I didn't do any this last weekend.

I will update my "library" as I go along. The link can be found on my home page or right here.



Posted March 30,

O.k. so there is a glitch in my plans. Lack of down time has been keeping me from the computer. So much for "vacation". Getting lots done tho'. I guess I can't feel too bad.

Aaron's buddy, Stretch, is coming to visit for the weekend. I'm sure they are going to get in some good bikini beach time in. The weather is going to be beautiful!

I have to get back to work but keep your fingers crossed in hopes that I get the new pages worked on and uploaded!



Posted March 28,

O.k., o.k. I'm sorry. It's not like you guys have all the time in the world to keep up with a website. I do have some things to add but life is in the way at the moment. Everything from trying to win back water pressure in my sink (removing aerator) to fixing a shower leak (don't want to pay for another ceiling!). I figure that I'll get a few things done over the weekend (I have my kitchen sitting out on my counters and nothing in my cabinets) and then work on the site over the next couple days. I have both music and pictures sitting in folders just waiting to be uploaded. So, please, a little patience.


btw-regained about 11gigs of space by cleaning up some files.




Posted March 13,

Just a quick note. Sorry I haven't posted lately, haven't been feeling well so I've been putting it off.

So far, today has been productive. I taught The Boyhow to put in windshield washer fluid and coolant. I know that is no big deal but it is the first time he's opened a hood and done that, The other day he changed the knob and dead bolt on the front door. He only needed help once! He did put it on upside down but the next day he changed that. I figure the more I teach him, the less I have to do. :)

I'll be back later. I've been working on a flash movie, another playlist, a few photo pages and I'm trying to get The Boy to play with me and make a stop motion movie. We'll see if I'm successful.

I'll see you in a bit...



Posted March 6,

Well, I finally got a few links up. Trust me when I say that this isn't even the tip of the iceburg. I hardly put up any of my "go to" links. I'll put more up soon.

I'll be back.



Posted February 28,

O.k., here's another surprise. Click on the food tab above. :^)



Posted February 27 (new post),

I have made a pop-up window for the music. Click where it tells you to bring up the "pop-up" player. If you don't want to allow pop ups, you can still listen to the music while on this page. There is more music to come. Be patient. :^)



Posted February 27,

So I've been thinking that everyone needs a Forrest in their life. I mean a Lucy is nice to have also but a Forrest is something really special. I realize that he has his moments. His hips are getting worse so he tends to be a little grumpy. He wants to go outside at the most inconvenient moments. It takes him a little while to get up the stairs and he really has to think about jumping up on my bed. But there is nothing...and I mean coming home after an 8 hour day, opening up the front door looking up the stairs and seeing Forrest up on the landing wagging. No, not his tail. He can't wag just his tail. When he wags his tail his whole body wags from the tip of his tail to the tip of his nose. He is so happy to see me. It's a great feeling to know that when I get home, somebody is going to be there waiting for me. So, everyone needs a Forrest in their lives.

I've actually found a step by step tutorial of how to set up Wordpress to be hosted on my domain. YAY!!! O.k., so I realize that I'm the only one excited about it, but hey...

So let me see, what has been going on...we had a couple BEAUTIFUL days last week. Now it's cold again. Yuck. Hoping that we'll be back into nice weather soon.

Inventory is next week so there's that. 'Nuff said.

The Airman gets his tat worked on Tuesday. I hope that's it for now. He can't pay for tats AND save money for a car. The Boy is at a friend's birthday get together. They went for lunch at the Yummy House. Don't know when I'll see him again.

O.k., I've got to go and work on laundry and vacuum and sweep and put away clean dishes. THEN, I'm going to look for my doughnut pan and try my hand at a bunch of cake doughnuts. If this works....who knows who will get to sample my wares! :^)

I gotta get to work!



Posted February 24,

YAY!!! Snow in Vancouver area!!! I've been feeling so bad for the Canadians. It's not their fault it's been a wierd winter. I know it's a little late but there are still a couple events left. I've missed most of the skiing and snow boarding. I would have loved to see all those events. But how 'bout the curling?!

I've been gathering pictures together and will start to get those up in the next week or two (sorry, not tonight cuz it's badge day). Gathering up a few of my favorite recipes to add to another page I'm working on. AND, I'm thinking about how i can break apart my playlist and have a copy on another page that us old people can read. I *do* realize that I have too many songs on 1 playlist and will make several playlists instead. I'm thinking about having them on another page. Haven't thought that through all the way.

A few of you know that the Airman got some ink done. It's not my body so I really don't have anything to say one way or the other about it. is the picture he took. It's not done so when he gets it finished I'll post another picture.



Posted February 22,

I hate discussing politics. The biggest problem is that even when I agree with people they want to argue for some reason. BUT, since everyone wants to discuss things I will do so one time only. I won't discuss my stand just my observations. So, o.k., quick question. I'm confused. Who runs Medicare and Medicaid? I thought it was government ran. Isn't that a simple definition of socialized medicine? Am I wrong? Just a question. Also, Obama is no better nor worse than ANY of the other modern day presidents. Really. No kidding. I don't care what Flocks News says. I don't care what they are saying on Olberman (sp?) or any of those shows. I'm really tired of those conversations. He is not a demi-god and he is not satan. End of discussion. One more thing that is really bothering me. Please stop abusing your former position as Vice President. Stating that the current White House is endangering U.S. citizens and then spewing the reasons why and what is going on in the White House is not any better. I believe it is a form of "abuse of power". I didn't like that man, not being able to keep his mouth shut, is not making me like him any better. O.k. trust me, those thoughts are the tip of the iceburg but I will not discuss anymore politics unless it has to do with how the SC politicians are making and have been making SC the laughing stock of the Union.

O.k., no more politics. No, I don't want to discuss religion...




Posted February 20,

HAH!!! I told you I was working on it. Give me feedback. I'm working on getting a feedback form on this page. We'll see how that goes. I got "yelled" at the other day for having so much nerd talk on my page so I will go easy on that in the future (happy?). I'm also going to be getting pictures that y'all have been nagging me about but, one thing at a time.

Will be back tomorrow!